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This tutorial solves the problem « Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 10? », showing you a few ways to reach the Windows 10 Recycle Bin location. You can’t rename folders from the Quick Access list. I can’t pin a remote folder to quick access. I would love to know how to make the “Quick Access” always be pinned to the top of the same Attach a File dialogue window.

Thx – I was doing this the hard way – changing the location one folder at a time. Only issue is, I no longer have or can change the user picture. When I try it does not give me a view of the different pictures.

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You can click and drag to make a box over the area. To capture a single window, hover the mouse over it so it becomes highlighted, and then widevinecdm_dll click once. To record your whole screen, select the desktop. ShareX is a free screen capturing program that supports recording your screen and saving it to an MP4 or GIF. The recording is automatically inserted into the slideshow. To save it elsewhere, right-click the video and choose Save Media as, and then pick where on your computer to save the MP4 recording.

  • Press Windows Key + G on your keyboard to open the Game Bar.
  • You can easily understand the buttons’ meaning.
  • If you want to record anything on Windows 10 while you have an NVIDIA graphics card onboard, you can simply use the GeForce experience to record your entire screen.

Ext4 is also a journaling file system that was a series of backward-compatible extensions to Ext3. It is the file system for most Linux distributions. The lsblk command without additional options does not display information about the devices’ file systems. Stella has been working in MiniTool Software as an English Editor for more than 4 years. As long as the hard drive is intact, no overwriting will occur, and your data in it will be safe, and thus it is highly possible to recover ext3/ext4 partitions with the data in it.

To manage recording settings, click the Settings icon . You can also choose the type of recording , screen size , and narration volume . If you are using a Chromebook computer, the process for recording a screen capture video varies slightly. To use an external microphone or camera while recording, plug in the device and open the Preferences menu in Dropbox Capture. Then, select the device you want to use from the dropdown next to Camera and Microphone. Want to play recordings on your mobile devices?

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Remember putting the swap in a logical partition still used up a primary partition, so now you have two primary partitions used. I want to install ubuntu15.04 in my C drive rather than any other drive . I dnt want windows i only want ubuntu in my C Drive .

This article shows 2 representative ways to crop a screen recording easily. You can delete the unselected area of a video recording within a few clicks. Blueberry App Flashback Express is a free screen capture program’s ability to capture an image, sound, and Camera. It does not set the recording time limits nor stamp watermarks on all product images.